Motherboard cause poor performance?

Since I've built my pc I've had poor performance, while I could play the games I wanted I had to lower my settings quite a bit. I initially started out with:

I3 3220
corsair vengeance 8gb ram
HiS HD 7770
Coolermaster 450w
ASRock B75m-DGS R2.0
Seagate Barracuda 1TB

I have since then upgraded to:
Sapphire HD 7870
Seasonic 620w

After doing that I have seen maybe a little bit of an increase in performance, however I still have to use pretty much the same settings.

Other things I have tried:

Switching from W8 to W7. Didn't really expect much and I was correct.
Nothing is overheating.

I'm convinced it's something to do with the mobo. Some of the games I play people using the same cpu and gpu play on high at least whereas I play on low or medium at best. I have never updated my bios mostly because when I have tried to do so it wouldn't work.

So any suggestions?
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  1. could be drivers... the real upgrade was going from the 7770 to the 7870... that 7870 is almost x2 the speed of the 7770. The cpu upgrade, while expensive won't give you all that much improvement.

    So we're left with 2 possibilities.
    1) motherboard drivers/bios issue
    2) temps

    lets start with temps since that's the easiest to test. (never trust the reported temps until you can independently verify their accuracy, onboard temp monitors and probes fail at an alarming rate) Pop the side of your case off and stick a room fan into the openning. see what happens to your FPS.

    If it does nothing for your fps, tell us what games you're playing.
  2. Well I also updated to the new gpu drivers yesterday. Also to no avail.

    I tried sticking a room fan into the opening and playing a game, but it didn't do anything.

    As far as games:

    Bf3. Oddly enough I can run bf3 with most settings on ultra and stay at 60fps easily. However this is the only game that I get such good performance in.
    Red orchestra 2 - A few settings to medium, the rest low.
    Skyrim - regardless of settings I get fps drops even with vanilla skyrim.
    Bf4 - fps drops regardless of settings. Though I suspect this is a bf4 problem.

    Those are the main games I play.
  3. mmmm and the FPS drop while you're playing... as in they start high and slowly get worse?

    i'm gonna need you to download hwmonitor and gpuid or msi afterburner. you're gonna have to run hwmonitor and one of the others in the background when you game.

    tab out of the game after encountering the problems and take a screenie of those two programs diagnostic displays about ram/vram usage and cpu/gpu utilization. post that pic here
  4. Not that it starts high and gets low, just crappy performance right from the start. I'll work on getting that pic, would have done it much sooner but I've been gone for a week.
  5. ok. no promises i'll respond quickly, but i'll be around the next few days to take a look at it.
  6. So erm, I just started a campaign on Third Age Total War. I'm not even in a battle yet, just sitting on the campaign map and my gpu load is at 98%. For some reason this doesn't seam right. However both GPU-Z and MSI are reporting this.
  7. Nevermind, turns out I'm an idiot and forgot to close the render test from GPU-Z -_-.

    I'm thinking about upgrading to the R9 280x however I don't want to if it's actually a mobo problem.
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