900 australian dollar build able to run arma 3, dayz standalone and battlefield 4

Would my build be able to run these games at med/high setting and decent fps?
Link bellow
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  1. maybe BF4 on low at 30-50FPS. Corsair builder 550w is going on sale for 20$. Get that instead of antec and get a 660TI and you can run on medium or low.
  2. The Corsair builder 550w doesn't have a price and the 660 doesn't have price too.
  3. Best answer edited around a little bit. Its a lot better now.
  4. Wow thx, so will this be able to run those games at low/med settings with good fps?
  5. You should be able to play at 720P and if you want to overclock, feel free. JUST BEWARE OF THE DANGERS OF OVERHEATING. But i dont think you should have that problem often.
  6. Okay thx a lot for helping me build my first pc
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