Hp laptop replaced once, then new hard drive. Won't play the Sims 3. What can I do with my 1 yr warranty?

I had hard drive failure but had issues since the first time I turned on the first one, saying I did not have windows 8 installed (impossible). It ran my game beautifully with all its expansions, which I should mention was my sole purpose for a new computer.. I already have a desktop. Sometimes the laptop froze or restarted. It met its demise when I banged it when it was in sleep mode (on) in computer bag.

I got a completely new one. No errors on start up. This time I have no clue how my hard drive gave out, I never banged or dropped it. But none the less, hp took it and replaced the hard drive. When I got it back it ran slower, but still played my game.

After awhile my game would crash, but I thought it was a bad file or custome content. I have tried removing all files of custom content, saves, caches, etc and with no result I removed all expansions, all stuff packs, and the base game, which I solely reinstalled after. It still crashes 5 minutes in.

I know my CPU is running at 100% when it crashes and my computer does get hot, but that never stopped it from playing before.

Whatever the case is I don't care anymore and I want this nightmare to end. Can I have them send me a different model or preferably give me my money back? My year warranty is almost up.

Thank you!
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  1. Damn I think this needs someone on Youtube to clarify and explain the situation, unless we would have all been none the wiser.
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