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I currently have an HP P6654y stock computer and I'm looking to upgrade a few components to increasing my gaming capabilities, I currently have a PS3 but am planning to migrate to PC gaming instead of jumping in on the new systems when they come out in the coming months. Recent games I enjoyed were Borderlands 2 and Bishock Infinite. I am interested in playing Steam Big Screen mode on a 1080p tv at some point, but for now I'll just be using my current monitor (1440x900). I'm not overly picky on graphics either, I don't need to be running ultra for every game I play.

My plan is to upgrade/add the following components now: GPU, PSU, RAM.

I will also be moving to a new case as well to better cool the system. I plan to reuse the HDD, MB, Processor, existing RAM, and optical drive. I will like upgrade the MB and processor at a later date when I'm ready to upgrade OS (currently windows 7).

I have put together a list of parts on PC part picker (what an awesome site), and am looking for any feedback folks may have. In particular to the GPU, I'm tempted to step up to Radeon 7850, but just not sure if I need the extra umph, or how much more "future proof" that might make the machine. Thanks in advance for the help!!

Here is the link to my parts list: http://

Here is a link to the stock specs on the P6654y:http://
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  1. Just a few comments, a 7850 (2gb version) would be a much better choice for the GPU if you plan on keeping up a bit with the next gen consoles.

    Also, 8GB of ram is the optimal amount right now so a 2x4GB kit would be recommended

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