No monitor signal after new video card

Amd a10-5700 3.4ghz quad core
8 gigs ram
Old card GeForce gt 620
New card sapphire hd 7950
Mobo: msi ms-7778

So today I upgraded my video card to a new sapphire hd 7950. I had to upgrade my power supply as well so I got evga 500b. I plugged everything in and turned my machine on and I heard 6 long beeps and nothing on my screen. After some googling I found out that HP has some security measures in the bios that need to be turned off. So I plugged in my old card, went my bios and turned off the security option and placed it into legacy mode.

When I restarted I got a warning that my hard drive couldn't be located. Switched cards, still giving me the same error. I took off the fan and ram cause they were in the way of the HD, which I reseated then put everything back. When I start my comp now the fans start running but there's absolutely no signal to my monitor on both cards. My keyboard doesn't light up and my mouses laser doesn't either. I reset my CMOS, took the battery out of my mobo. Still nothing. I tried hdmi cables, VGA, VGA to my mobo with and without a video card and still nothing.

I even out my old power supply in with my old video card and no monitor signal. I appreciate any help, I'm worried my mobo is done

I've only had this computer since April
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    Im not sure about the 1st prob you had but no signal may mean you didnt put in the RAM correctly (that was my mistake) you have to apply alot of pressure much more then you might think to the ram (on the sides) and it should click into place by itself and be tight in the slot. Try watching a video on it(installing RAM) and it should give you a better idea of what i mean:).
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