HDMI Output Issues with Black Screen

My HDMI output isn't working when I plug my laptop into any tv. All I get is a black, but turned on, screen on my laptop and no signal to my tv. When I start it it does show the booting on my tv but then everything goes blank. I've tried taking out the HDMI cord and it still has the same blank screen and I have to turn off the computer by holding the button before it works again. Please help!

I have a Toshiba Satellite L770D 64 bit that's running Windows 7

It works great with VGA and audio cord plugged into any tv but HDMI won't work.
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    check in the bios if there a setting to turn on both the onboard and hdmi port at the same time. most older laptop it was a fn and f6 key to turn both on at the same time. if there both runing at the same time you should be able to set the tv screen up as second monitor or expand your desktop.
  2. I have tried the Fn+F5 button which is to switch between the external devices and the laptop display as well as the Start Menu+P to see if that would work, and changing the resolution settings. I have not been able to figure out how to get to the bios on this one.

    Haha just remembered bios was in the boot menu. What setting am I looking for in there?
  3. primany display output (screen and hdmi) or muilt monitor support set it to on.
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