Getting BSOD but works in safe mode.

Satellite L305d-s5934

Hello, I just did a factory restore from the built in position, after the first initial auto restart it would get passed the bios screen then all i would get is black screen.

Next I would get a bsod with 0x0000000116 with atikmpag.sys error on it also? I am guessing it has something to do with the ati radeon.

I also got a c000021 error on the same laptop.

I finally switched hard drives and put a hdd with windows already installed. It finally booted to windows no problem but then after the auto drivers were installed when windows first booted it would give me the same bsod error and that was only after the drivers were auto installed. I am using the laptop now in safe and obviously no problems as of yet.

If the video card was bad would it be able to start in safe mode? Or is it most likely still the ati video card even though it's in safe no problem?
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    in safe mode your using a an old old version of vga output and very little gpu power or ram. a few things if this laptop has a gpu and it uses system ram for video ram one of the main ram stick might be bad or lose. try swapping them and reaseating them with the power and battery out. if the laptop has a gpu and ram there should be a slot on the bottom to replace the card on some. turn off power and reseat it. if the unit under warranty do an rma.
  2. Tried swapping both ram sticks and nothing changed. Pretty sure video is soldered on so can't reseat.

    I just noticed I tried playing a couple youtube videos and it would just keep replaying 1 or 2 seconds then eventually say an error occured. Not sure if that has something to do with it being in safe mode or another sign of bad video?
  3. java and flash mostly used for web based games and video make sure both are updated.
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