Cool Case ($50)

I am getting this build,

Right now, I have the Source 210 Windowed.
I really like the window, and I want something a little more "flashy"
if you know what I mean. I have been looking at iBuyPower cases and they look really good
So, if you know any cool cases that will fit in my build (and budget), then please help!

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  1. seller417 said:

    Sorry, I just updated it but I meant I still wanted the window (changed "but" to "and")
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    Could you link to cases you like, I really have no idea what style you are looking for. Or at least try to describe it. What is "cool" to one person is ugly to another. That mobo has usb 3.0, do you want a case with it too?

    Just to post a couple, windowed with usb 3.0:
  3. the problem you will run into trying to find a flashy windowed case at the $50 price point is cable management. The CM 431 is a sweet case, but why have a window if your cables are everywhere? I have a CM 430 and my biggest regret was not considering cable management when selecting this case.

    that IN WIN GT1 looks like a solid case and would be my pick out of the above 3
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