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Need advice buying a new Laptop

Last response: in Laptop Tech Support
November 1, 2013 9:21:49 PM

Hey Tom's Hardware folks, first time posting here. Hopefully I'll get my questions answered.

I am currently in the market for a new laptop after my old one broke and surviving off a Microsoft Surface for the past 8 months (I Know...)

Anyways I'm stuck between 3 models:

Asus UX51
Lenovo Ideapad Y510p
Razer Blade (14in model)

Feel free to suggest any other brands or models I should know about. I have no loyalties.

Here's what I'm looking for specs wise:

Budget: under $2500
At least 8gb RAM
i7 CPU preferably a Haswell although I'm content with 3rd gen Intel
Battery Life I'm pretty flexible with. As long as I can carry it to class, work for a little bit without having to scramble for a charger, it's fine by me. So lets say minimum of 3hrs
Preferably a 1080p screen (Though the Blade does not have this)
13in seems a tad small and there's no way in hell I'm dealing with another 17in monster. (14-16")
Dedicated graphics (A must)
SSD at least for OS
Backlit keyboard
Sexy looks (although I'm flexible with this)
Thin build and portability (Ultrabook-ish)

I'm currently a CS major at University and use my computer for everything from occasional gaming to writing long papers to programming class work and everything in between.

I trust ya'll here will be able to help me!


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November 2, 2013 10:23:33 AM

Blaise170 said:
This isn't the best for gaming, but will give the best battery life and is super light.

Better for gaming, but not as light.

Best for gaming, least portable.

None of those expect the Razer Blade meet my requirements.

Upon further research I believe I am eliminating the Lenovo as it is a bit too large for my liking.

I believe I am between the Asus and the Razer currently. This seems like a choice between a Haswell CPU and a 1080p screen.

Any thoughts?

Best solution

November 2, 2013 10:33:25 AM

A 1080p screen yields a better resolution, but since you will only be on a 14" or 15" screen, you won't notice much of a difference. I'd go with the Haswell processor.