first off specs:

Motherboard:GA-970A-DS3P (rev. 1.0) AMD 970 + SB950 Chipset
CPU:AMD FX 6-Core Black Edition FX-6300
GPU:VisionTek Products Radeon 7790 1GB DDR5 PCI
RAM:Kingston Hyper X Blu 8 GB (2x4GB Modules) 1600MHz DDR3
OS:Windows 8 System Builder OEM 64-Bit
SSD: Kingston Digital 120GB SSDNow
HDD: Westearn Digital Caviar Black 1TB PSU: Cooler Master eXtreme Power
Plus 500w Power Supply

so i just got a new hdd(the wd black). all of my files, programs, windows, everything was on the ssd. so i wanted to move everything but the OS to the new hdd. how do i do it?

thanks. Matt
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  1. Anything that is installed via installation cannot be moved.
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    Lots of programs will work just fine with Symbolic Links. I had to do that a fair bit when I was trying to juggle my first SSD with just 60GB space. It doesn't always work (iTunes, for example, will no longer be able to make iPhone backups). Lots of programs I used seem to be fine though. You can try moving it and creating the Symlink, if start to see issues with the program, just delete the sym link and move it back.

    The article here looks okay: - I just used the command prompt but apparently there are ways to do it in Explorer too.

    It's a bit of a clunky way to get around it, but short of uninstalling and resinstalling the programs, it's (as far as I'm aware) your only option.
  3. The files are easy to move . Make a folder and cut and paste them from the SSD .

    The programs will need to be reinstalled on the HDD
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