Will this PC be worth the money?

Want to know if this would be a worthwhile price and if the CPU and GPU work well together, if not should i change the CPU or the GPU?
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  1. Feel like the blueray reader is a bit waste of money.
  2. Get an 8350,otherwise its fine.
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    The hardware all looks fine. If you don't mind buying parts off of eBay though, I can find you a much better deal on a PSU.

    I don't know the dimensions of the psu compartment in your case so I'll just post this as a reference. You could get this one here for cheaper with more watts. Now, it's not corsair, so it's not as "reliable" but power supplies aren't really the piece of hardware to cause problems first. This is just so you can cut a little cost and leave room for an upgrade in the future without having to buy another psu to do so later on.

    Also, I'm not too familiar with AMD's FX series, but you might need to overclock a little to help it keep up with that 3GB 780, which is just ridiculous.
  4. ^don't buy a no brand psu,that is not the place to be cheap,especially with powerful parts.It's the only thing that can blow and take other parts with it.
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