Asus 280x matrix or asus 280x top

So im going to crossfire one of these cards. Im unsure if the matrix warrents the extra money. What do you guys think? I predominantly play bf4.
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  1. Xfire with the Top should be more than sufficient, know mine OCs very well and there's only a 30 difference in the base clock (1070 vs 1100) plus the top isn't as wide so will still have some room in there ;)
  2. But... the pretty asus load led logo, and the overclocking capability?
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    Can go either way :) just tossing some thoughts/ideas ;) I was tempted by the Matrix, but have some add in cards and need an open slot for testing others ;)
  4. well based on the reviews on the top on newegg, that one is the clear winner. ill probably go with them.

    Thanks for the input!
  5. No problem, may want to close the thread :)
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