Help with xp on harddrive please

Hi i want to install xp on my hard drive with a usb drive, im using wintoflash. installing vista worked just fine, but when i try to install windows on this drive it wont allow me to select my drive only a partiion for the hdd i want to install it on 1000mb free.
Also when i tried my friends another friends iso i installed and it said hal.dll is missing or corrupt
help, i have a 64 bit iso and my own xp key
i have a asrock 960gm-vgs3 fx mobo
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    Windows XP will only install on to a separate and empty partition. If one doesn't exist, you have to create one first using Windows XP Setup:
  2. I think he isn't getting the usb flash drive listed when he tries to create the flash drive.

    Is the flash drive partitioned& formatted and assigned a letter by the current operating system?
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