anyone ever heard of this company

i saw it as a google ad on neweggs website but it looks likebs to me or maybe its the 290 non x? cause i highly doubt a 309price for a 290x idk any thoughts?
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  1. The link goes to a 280x, not a 290x. Thats about the going rate for a 280x. What is it you doubt?
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    thats an 280x you have there and NCIX is pretty good, I've bought so much from them
  3. its a R9 280 x.not 290X
    it a company that people say its good but i have never tried it out i'm sure you can find a better company.300-350 $ is the price range of a 280x
  4. They have a youtube channel, you can look them up if you want. They're legit though
  5. ah ok, must be mixin it up with the 780's im lookin at as well from nvidia thaanks
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