window 7 i can not log w7 asks user's name and password,I haven't

I had been having problems with charger cable, then I switched on computer and there is a screen that only allows me to insert user's name and password. Can not open administrator , nothing. can't this be a bug????
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  1. Nope it cannot be a bug. But it could be someone else's computer.
    When you switch on the rig, what you see is a BIOS restriction . For that you'll need to get intouch with the vendor and prove it's your PC/Laptop to get help.
    Here , NO, we'll not be helping you out.
  2. Tes i hace all the documentos of laptop with me so i can prove tías mine.
    Think Youtube
  3. So then take it to the closes service center and get it rectified. They ought to do it right there on the spot.
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