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i have intel core 2 duo CPU E7300 2,7GHz. and nvidia geoforce GT 240 1GB. will it run assassins creed black flag? or other new games?
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  1. On lower settings at a lower resolution yes, but the CPU and GPU will hold you back as AC4 and newer games are requiring quad cores so do not expect great performance.

    Check the requirements here
  2. rolandzhang3 thanks for answer ;) is there anything i can do to make it run better? if i add ram or somthing?
  3. Adding ram wouldn't really help in this case unfortunately, a new CPU+mobo+GPU (basically a system overhaul) would be recommended if you're looking to play the newer games.
  4. i am fan of ac and would like to play new one, but before it i have to aquire new PC (( . anyway thanks for answers :*
  5. I'm pretty sure you'd be able to run and play it, but it probably wouldn't be a very smooth experience
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