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I'm soon getting a new computer with the Fractal Design Define R4, and I was thinking how to get optimal airflow in that case.

Option 1:

2x140mm front intake
1x140mm bottom intake
2x140mm top exhaust
1x140mm back exhaust

Any ideas how to change it for optimal airflow?
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  1. You are maximizing the airflow in this case, but you are going to be adding a lot of noise. If I had that case I'd install 2xCorsair AF 120mm in front. They are quiet but blow. Then install a 1100rpm ball bearing fan on the bottom. And lastly a quiet exhaust fan.

    The focus is on quietness and that is one of the reasons people choose the R4. It's an excellent case and designed for low noise so make sure to get the proper fans too.
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    Do you really need optimal airflow?

    If you have at least two 120mm intake fans, you will have sufficient airflow.
    2 140mm fans are very good.
    Noise comes from fans running at high rpm's. The more fans, and higher rpm's, the noisier.

    I would start with just the supplied two 140mm fans in the stock positions, one intake in front, and one exhaust on top.

    Actually, I would try relocating the top fan to the front as a second intake. This gives you a positive pressure situation which will keep your case clearer of dust.

    Think about it...
    A good graphics card will not need as much airflow as a single 140mm fan can provide.
    A good air cooler ditto.
    Two such 140mm intake fans will provide sufficient airflow.

    Lastly, cpu and gpu can run hot, but they are built to tolerate some heat.
    If they get too hot, they will downclock to protect from damage.
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