Windows 7 Boot Fail

Sup. I've installed Windows 7 on my new Kingston SSD. The problem is it doen't boot up. When turning my PC on, all I see is ASUS UEFI BIOS Utility. It doesn't go any further. Only if I press F8 and then select a boot device, it boots normally (to my homescreen). What shoud I do so that it will automatically boot properly (without me selecting a boot device)?
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  1. Have you save the conf changes ?
    After selecting the proper boot device you have to save the configuration and then restart the PC
    If after restarting the PC it keeps the old conf, then you have a: battery issue, bios corrupt, or mobo issue
  2. juanjostorreshernndez, everything is saved properly. My BIOS battery is OK. I believe there is another kind problem!
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