my pc restarts after i install my new gt 630 graphics card

i currently have a amd hd radeon 6450 card, and now have brought a gt 630 card, it installed ok and loaded drivers and i also uninstalled the 6450 drivers..
I then tried to resume playing a game i previously did on my old card...
and the pc automatically restarts! is it because my pc not compatible with it? the card is brand new from a shop..

my psu is 500watts
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  1. toss up the make and info on the power supply. the unit may be a cheap unit that cant output it rated wattage or it may have more then one rail if it a split rail unit then it may not have the rated amps to keep the gpu card running. the other issue could be a bios issue with the motherboard did you make sure your running the newest bios??
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