My sound stopped after putting new graphics card in

When I put my new graphics card after about a Min of running my computer could not detect my speakers any more what should i do?
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  1. newer gpu from amd and nvidia are known to make windows switch from realtek speaker output to hdmi output. if it was a nvidia card uninstalled the hdmi audio driver then reboot and go into windows audio device manger and change it to realteck speakers.
  2. its a radeon 6870 and I dont see hdmi audio driver in device manager all i have under sound is (AMD high definition audio device) and i have tried updating it and uninstalling it.
  3. check in your bios that the onboard sound chip is still turned on. if it not turn it on and see if the sound comes back. if not go in the device manager and disable the amd audio. then reboot and see if real sound comes back.
    also download and install the newest realteck audio drivers from realteck.
  4. Still nothing when ever i go to playback devices it says no audio devices installed
  5. I'm having the same problem I just installed my GTX 980 and all my sound has cut off, the audio manager still recognizes my headphones but no sound plays through them. This happens with all my headphones/earbuds.
  6. the nvidia hdmi sound is now the default adio output change it back to realteck speakers/headphones and you should be fine.
  7. If you mean go into the audio manager and make headphones default they already are, the nvidia hmdi sound isnt even showing up in the manager.
  8. Weird, do you have the Realtek HD Audio drivers?
  9. I used to, then I got rid of them and everything kept working fine this only started happening once I switch graphics cards to a GTX 980.
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