PSU Recommendation ??

Hey Guys
This my build which im planning to get
Core i7 4770k
Asus z87 Plus
8gb corsair Vengence 1866 Ram
tWO gtX 760 in Sli
128 Samsung 840 pro
1tb HDD
Blueray drive etc...

What PSU Should i get
I use This Site for Buying parts pls Recommend from that site

and any advise on my build??/

I have Seen the Seasonic msii 750 bronze
and the forton fsp750 wat and i can decide help??
im gonna oc the ram to 1866 and cpu to 4.2 ghz so is the seasonic psu mentioned enough for my build????
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  1. Best answer
    For your build, a 750 would allow slight oc'ing. I would go for the Seasonic psu.

    However, if you are planning to oc the cpu you might want to get something in the 850 W range.

    Here is a refernce page that will give you a general idea of power requiremnets based solely on GPU(s) being used, but does not take into account any overclocking:

    This is only a guideline, not the end-all-be-all answer for your needs.

    My personal choice of PSU manufacturers are Seasonic, XFX, Corsair and Antec, but that's just me.
  2. M12II 750 should be perfectly sufficient, though given the fact the rest of your build is pretty expensive you might want to consider spending a little more on maybe the Seasonic X750, or better value, the Corsair AX760. The latter is 80Plus Platinum and comes with a 7 year warranty.
  3. Should i go for asus z87 plus or -A???
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