Please help me choose cpu for my budget BF4 machine


I'm building budget PC to play Battlefield 4. My goal is to have LOW graphics settings but constant high fps (never below 60). I have 2 options:

1. used i5-3330s, used Asus P8H61-M LE/USB3, and used 4GB 1333 MHz CL9 memory
2. new FX-6300, new mobo (haven't decided about model), new memory

I haven't decided about graphics card yet, but probably i'll choose gfx 660, gfx 660 ti or something similar.

The price of that 2 options is similar, please help me which one will perform better in that game. I'm leaning towards option 1 but i'm not sure. Is the "s" version of that cpu noticeably worse than non "s" in gaming?
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    I'd go with the FX since I don't tend to trust used parts. Then again it depends where you're buying from.

    Also BF4 supports many cores so the FX will really shine.

    I'm not too familiar with that i5, but I believe the s stands for low power and consequently maybe lower clock speeds. Have a read of this,2557.html a different processor, but an s model.
  2. FX6300 with a good motherboard.

    CPU scaling in BF4 -
  3. Ok, you convinced me to buy FX-6300, thank you :-) But I have another question: i have some cheap and basic mini tower case and i want to use it. Is this cpu with stock cooler going to overheat in such a small case? Or should i go for some aftermarket coolers? How about overclocking?

    Can you recommend me a good, budget uATX motherboard (with integral graphics, usb 3.0, one ps/2 port, and sata 3.0 GB)?
  4. Well, since you are very budget oriented, I say go with stock cooler - it should do and in case it does not you can always get another cooler. Kinda pointless wasting money before you try.
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