660 ti DVI port doesen't detect my second monitor!

I am trying to use a second monitor but my GTX 660ti doesent even recognise it.
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  1. Check your gpu driver, and reset all settings to default.
  2. I don't know how to do it?
  3. Just open the Nvidia Control Panel (Open it from tray its green geforce icon) and hit the Restore Defaults in the right corner of the greyish bar.
    Here are some screens:
  4. I did it but nothing hapened i want to run a dvi d to a hdmi to my tv and its not working out.
  5. I think that u cant use convertors to convert dvi to hdmi at least not on tvs, u need hdmi - hdmi cable.
  6. I have used another monitor and its not detecting it aither so i think its a softwere bug because when i got my pc 3-4 months ago i had the same display and it was a secont display so i dont know what happened. I got ridof the display because my brother needed it and now i am trying to put something in the dvi-d slot but it aint working
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    If u have Warranty try to RMA your card then ;-)
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