My wireless network keeps disconnecting

Hello, I recently changed my Internet provider, and with that my router also. I have 2 computer, one connected by a cable and other with adapter wirelessly and the one connected with a cable works just fine, but this one with an adapter disconnects very often. When it disconnects it says "Settings saved on this computer don't match the required setting" and after 2 minutes i can connect again. Also if i go to solve problems it says my security type isn't good, it is WPA-personal right now. Also i tried deleting the network from control panel, but it doesn't work. Please help
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  1. u need to do some setting in your router than everything will be fine. Go to your router's wireless settings
    set wireless channel to 1,6 or 11
    set mode to 11bgn mixed
    now go to wireless security
    select WPA2 - PSK
    encryption and version should be automatic save and apply then reboot.
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