Core i5 (1gb graphics card) or i3 with 2gb graphics for a web developer.

so guys i have an option as
1. 4th gen core i5 4200U /1gb amd / dos
2. 3rd gen core i3 3217U /2gb/amd /win8 ..
which one should i buy.. i am a computer science engineering student. all work i need to do is handle a website .. practice c java .net etc . i am also planning on learning animation. i am not a gamer but my bf is. i am hell lot of confused guys please help me.

P.s - both are at same price.
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  1. 3rd gen i3 will be sufficient for you :)
  2. IAMEXTREME said:
    3rd gen i3 will be sufficient for you :)

    i forgot to mention they are at same price :P
  3. Best answer
    Grab the i5 then :)
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