new intel\nvidia build problems, PLEASE HELP!

Hey all, Just built my first intel\nvidia comp (ex amd fan). its 98% awesome except for 2 issues.
Issue 1: I use chrome and for some reason whenever I try and click on any webpage\link or anything really i get crazy popups\downloads.
Ive tried changing all the settings in chrome, on my routers firewall downloading anti virus software and Im still getting it!
Issue 2: I have been trying to get my xbox controller to work, ive installed\reinstalled drivers troubleshot it with device manager and nothing works.
It does still work with my old computer tho.
Please help guys! Im running win 7 on both computers and im thinking maybe its because the new ones hardware is geared towards win 8. Id rather not buy a whole new OS if I dont have to but I totaly will to get rid of these issues.
intel 4670k (i think)
asrock extreme6
nvidia 780
16 gigs of ram
hard drives, peripherals, xbox controller
thanks in advance guys!
ps it took me 3 times to write this, please please help me!
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  1. Issue one can be malware problem so address it first!
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    run a full scan with malwarebytes in safe mode
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