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I have a friend that has a decent gaming rig, He mostly plays Minecraft with it but he wants to run shaders and something like LB Photo Realism at the same time. However his 4770K's Integrated GPU can barely handle Shaders at 1920x1080p. Unfortunately i do not know if a EVGA GT 640 4Gb would surpass it enough to make it worth it. I believe that it will with no problem, but i prefer to have a few more opinions on the topic.
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    Getting the 4gb version is a waste, you want to get the gddr5 version which will have 1gb. The higher vram is just for having as many monitors as it can handle but the faster gddr5 will be better performance. The 640 is about double the performance which may sound like a lot but the 4600 is weak so isn't really much. I wouldn't recommend the 640 because the 7750 is about the same price and would be 3x better.
  2. +1 for the hd7750
  3. My buddy bought a 7770 XFX Radeon and absolutely loves it. It runs BF4 with high settings comfortably at 1920 x 1080 with no lag.
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