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is there a tool to download to see which GPU is being used, i have an asus g46 with intergrated intel hd 4000 and a nvidia gtx 660M
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  1. if you are using windows 7 right click on desktop than select screen resolution than advance settings and you can see what gpu is being used
  2. Hello, thanks for the reply, however, what I'm looking for is when i run a game if it will switch GPU's as that's what its suppose to do. So i need a tool that shows if it switches or not. because your suggestion will always show the integrated graphics when i go to desktop to check it. My ultimate solution for all this is trying to get Battlefield 4 to work on my Asus g46 it crashes the moment it starts up and my specs are well within the minimum requirements
  3. Use HWmonitor and run it before running the game and when game is running minimize the game see what gpu is being used by looking at the temperatures before and after running the game
  4. thanks for the suggestion. i downloaded and installed, however its only showing the gtx card and not the Integrated card. before start the gtx was at around 33c and with the game running it was at max 64c. so i know that its being used, however i would still like a program that specifically states "hey this is whats being used right now"
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    well The fact is when you have a graphic card installed your mobo automatically switched to it your integrated one is not being used and as for the software i think i have to code a software that will say hey this is being used hehehe XD ;)
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