Pc wont open, psu works, usb powers only for a split second

My case open so I can see everything going on, when I try to open my pc everything works as expected, all fans work, all lights on expect for things that are connected to usb however there is no display going to my monitor. There is also no power going to my mouse or keyboard. When I plug in a gamepad, its lights blink for a split second then go dark. As it seems, my usb spots only provide power for a split second.

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  1. make sure the atx lead is plugged it. 4-8 pin by the cpu. check the motherboard caps for swelling and leaks. make sure your board is wired correctly.
  2. Thx for answer, I'm sure everything is plugged in correctly
  3. then i recommend you try a different psu... some motherboards and brands of psu are incompatible. as i found with my old amd build.
    it gave exactly the same issue you describe... on long enough for the led's to light up and off again... i swapped the psu for a different brand, same amperage and wattage and it worked fine... to this day i dont know what the exact compatibility issue was as the psu worked fin in a later 775 build.
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