Dying video card or what?

Hello! I'm new here.
So, I have an anoying problem wiwrth my video card.
PC specs:
AMD Sempron 3400+ AM2!!!
ATi (Sapphire) Radeon HD 2400 Pro PCIe 256Mb
470W PSU
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 160Gb
and DVD (that reads CD only?).

Recently (actually few hours ago @ time of writting) I played League of Legends (lol I run it at 30 FPS) but instead of usual Crystal Scar the map was black and I could see only the red outlinings of enemies and turrents. I tried reconnecting but it was the same.(3/4/4 WOW with Lucian) I tried playing Far Cry but it did not load. It displayed a message and only I remember is something about "can't read from memory". Yes it crashed. Earlier the same day it went black (the screen). It crashed without BSoD. Nope its not my monitor! Oh BTW I use Windows XP Pro x64 :). I know that they are DirectX games but Minecraft is not. It also suffers from it :/ . And its OpenGL game.
Any ideas please? Thank you BTW

PS:I overclocked Video Card to 690MHz from 525MHz temp @ 66°C.

PSS: To be added pics later for detailed info (or it is temporary because I reinstalled DirectX 9.0c June 2010.)Stupid Android. Always goes up for no reason.
Hope you help me. THANK YOU!!!
I'll try what you say.
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  1. put everything back to stock and see if it works. Probably the GPU is toast.
  2. egilbe said:
    put everything back to stock and see if it works. Probably the GPU is toast.

    It ran earlier the same morning at same settings. And when I dont play games I reset the clock. I'll run again to see if it works.
    Oh and Flash Player works and MPC:HC without problems. Maybe its driver problem...
  3. If the desktop and flash show normally, it's not the monitor or cables.
    If you can change the card clocks, try underclocking as well, if there's a memory problem that can help.
    apart from that usual diagnostics apply:
    Remove and reseat the card and memory, giving the contacts a gentle clean with a dry paper towel (don't touch them!).
    Reset the BIOS to stock settings.
    Reinstall the video and sound drivers, updating if possible.
    Make sure Windows is fully updated and patched.
    Run Dxdiag and see if it reports any display/driver issues.
    Run the Windows disc diagnostic tools to check for disc errors.
    Reinstall the game/s that are giving trouble.
  4. Well it was DirectX problem.

    Thank you coozie7!
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