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All of a sudden, I'm getting this BSOD every time about 5-10 seconds after loading a profile. Can't start the computer in safe mode; it hangs each time trying to load the drivers (or whatever it's doing). The specific Stop Code is 0x00000051 (0x0000000000000001, 0xFFFFF8A000024010, 0x0000000001DBF000, 0x0000000000000374). Am assuming it could be my HDD (using a Crucial M4 SSD as the boot drive), but not sure how to confirm or what else to investigate. Help?
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  1. Bug Check 0x51: REGISTRY_ERROR the system was unable to read a registry entry.
    I would think this can be cause by a file system corruption or a hardware issue.

    since you can not boot in safe mode, I would check your BIOS for incorrect settings for you sata boot device.
    I would also remove any extra devices that might be plugged in and see if you can get a safe mode boot.

    failing that, I would attempt to boot on another device to do a repair ( or check the filesystem)

    if you can get your dump file could also help if you can get access to it.

    because you have a SSD I would boot into BIOS and leave the drive powered on for a while and not boot into windows. This is in case the drive is stuck doing some internal cleanup routines. It will give the drive time to finish before control is passed to windows.
  2. smorizio said:
    sounds like you may go a virus or a damaged anti virus program.
    if it not it may be a bad stick of ram if your running with two try one of them at a time.

    I was finally able to get into my Win7 boot settings, and reverting to the last known good configuration seems to have solved the BSOD. I still have no idea the source of the problem so am running a virus scan now.
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