Windows 8.1 Catalyst Problems - Switchable Graphics [SOLVED]

I have a laptop with crossfire x of AMD Radeon HD 6520G and Radeon HD 7400M on Windows 8.1. However if i install catalyst 13.9 i can't acess the "Configure Switchable Graphics" page on catalyst control panel. It just loads "Advanced System Settings" OR any last opened tab in CCC. This issue has been happening for a while now and sadly i could only get this option to work on 13.4 drivers on Windows 7 but these don't work under windows 8.1. I don't wanna use the acer drivers as they make most of my games lag. Is there a way i can fix this issue?

Edit: I did already try all the beta drivers
Edit: It's an Acer Aspire 5560G
Edit: I installed a fix driver from this site and it worked like a charm! My switchable graphics control panel is back!
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  1. I believe that the switchable graphics component is something that's added in by the OEM, at least it is with Dell laptops that have AMD GPUs coupled with Intel microprocessors.
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