Asus ROG maximus VI motherboards' onboard sound

I am wanting to hear from owners of the Asus Maximus VI motherboards. How good is the integrated sound? Has anyone given up on the onboard sound and gotten a dedicated soundcard or is the onboard quality as good as advertised?

I'm looking at upgrading my headphones (currently USB) and wondering if I need a dedicated soundcard for something like the razer tiamat 7.1 headphones.
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  1. I don't have that exact motherboard but, knowing from experience the on board will sound good, but a soundcard is a whole new level
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    The Thing is Asus runs Realtek onboard chips.. so you wil get the standard Onboard 7.1 EXP.
    witch isn't bad for realtek delivers good sound on asus.. I don't have the same board but do have the same chip
    on my ASUS motherboard
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