High Pitch Noise and System Freeze

Hi guys i'm having an issue i can't seem to figure out.

I'll be using my computer just fine (like now) and then all of a sudden (usually when I click to do something; idle is fine) my case will start giving off a very high pitch squealing-like noise. During this time the computer will freeze. But not a typical freeze. Things that are already up (ie. different tabs, windows, mouse movement, etc) are not affected; i can still navigate between those. I just cannot access anything new. If i open a new tab and go to a new page it wont load. If i click the start menu and click a program it wont open. Then after about 10-20 seconds of the high pitched ringing it will stop and then everything that I clicked while it was "frozen" will show up.

I made sure my PSU connector is connecting to the GPU. Its a 6 prong and its in like it should. The green light on the GPU confirms its getting power. The fans on the GPU are spinning and if I lightly touch the GPU the sound doesn't change. So i do think its a GPU fan issue.

I cannot locate the source of the sound but if I revert back to the integrated graphics card then the sound goes away. This must mean its my graphics card right? If so, it seems weird it would lock my whole computer up like that..

Any ideas how this can be fixed or what the issue is? In addition to the noise being rather loud and annoying it also makes my computer relatively useless for 10-20 seconds at a time.

Thanks for any help!

PSU: CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 650W
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    Sounds like PSU coil whine , replace the PSU.
  2. You think its the PSU thats causing it? Could it be the GPU? Its funny, cause i just played a game and it didn't whine at all. Its very off/on.
    Would the coil whine cause the freezing i'm experiencing?
  3. Coil whine can come and go.
  4. Okay great. Thanks for your help. I guess my concern is not so much with the noise but with the freezing. It would seem like coil whine wouldn't do that and i'm nervous it might be damaging something.

    Also, I updated a driver for the graphics card and it hasn't made a noise since. Strange, but do you think somehow it could have just been a driver issue?
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