Battlefield 4 potential crash fix list!

Hey guys. I'm really going crazy trying to figure out how to make my battlefield 4 NOT CRASH!!!. Anyone have any suggestions on things i can do to make it not crash. I've updated my crossfired 6970's driver, my realtek on board sound card, windows 7 64 files. Don't know what to do. I called EA but there useless. Wondering if anyone else has problems with crashing? any ideas welcome! lets compile a list of potential fixes!
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  1. already did that as stated above. i have the newest driver, the beta8 was for windows 8
  2. No, the Beta8 driver is for Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7... Look at the supported Operating Systems near the bottom of the page I linked. It also applies to all GPUs since the 5000-series.
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