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Beating a dead horse again,

I guess I am way behind the times because any i7 non-k overclocking thread I have read anywhere links to guides that now all have 404 Cannot be found errors. Also, my bios seems to look different than any other picture I have seen with instructions, as well as different terminology. I have seen a couple non-k's running at 4.2, if this is not safe then I will go lower.

I have a Corsair water cooler with prime 95 tests way way below TJ Max.

Any help as to specifically what to change to what values would be very appreciated as I am starting to get frustrated, thank you very much!


I have a DP67BG p67 Chipset Intel board.

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  1. Can you change the Ratio Limit on the cores for Turbo? You should be able to set them all at 38. That will give you a full time 3.8Ghz overclock.

    Edit: I don't believe you can go to 4.2Ghz but some boards may allow the 4 bins to be over the max 38. That would give you 4.2Ghz by setting the multipliers to 42.
  2. Actually looking at that again you may need to set the Maximum Non Turbo Ratio to 38 or 42 as well.

    Either setting should run fine on stock voltage.
  3. So set all the ratio limits to 42 including non-turbo ratio?

    Thank you so much fro your quick reply!
  4. Try it and see what happens. I was thinking a full time 3.8Ghz overclock was all you could get from a non K but 4.2Ghz may be possible. I have known you could do this for years but I have never actually overclocked a non K chip.
  5. Cannot touch the non-turbo ratio. Highest the turbo ratios will go is 39. I raised them all to 38. Could I just raise Clock to 120? 120 is the turbo clock. Wouldn't this make the original multiplier of 34 mean 120 x 34 = 4080?

    Or is this a bad idea?

    Thank you again sir,


  6. No, no and triple no. Leave the BCLK alone. Anything over about 104 and you risk system damage. BCLK in a Sandy Bridge system overclocks everything including things that were never meant to be overclocked like your USB and SATA ports. It should be set at 100 and left there.

    If your Turbo ratios will go to 39 then go for it. A 500Mhz overclock from a locked chip is not bad at all.
  7. Isn't that only for the Turbo boost then? The 1 second interval? Not trying to be short, I am actually wondering if that is what that means?

    Thanks again
  8. With Turbo enabled ( default ) your CPU never really runs at it's 3.4Ghz stock speed. With all 4 cores active it runs at 3.5Ghz, 3 cores at 3.6Ghz, 2 at 3.7Ghz and a single core at 3.8Ghz. What you are doing by setting all 4 cores to 38 or 39 is making the CPU run at it's max Turbo speed all the time. And that equals a free overclock. You can go 4 bins or 400Mhz over stock so with stock Turbo being 3.5Ghz for all 4 cores you can make the chip run at 3.9Ghz all the time. A nice 500Mhz bump from a locked chip. You can do it with stock cooling and voltage. Turbo is just the name Intel gives it's dynamic automatic overclocking.

    Just set the values to 39 for 3.9Ghz and you should be all good.

    You might also get away with going 4 bins on each ratio. So you could try 39 for 4, 40 for 3, 41 for 2 and 42 for 1. That would give you up to 4.2Ghz when only using a single core. It may or may not work with your board.
  9. Perfect, thank you for your help; just one last question, is having this i7 2600 going to bottleneck my R9 280x? I just ordered it, an SSD, and some 1866 RAM (16GB) and do not have the extra cash to spend on another CPU. I haven't been around computers in a long time so I just assumed an i7 would be good and last me a while just because it was an "i7".

    Thanks again
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    Not even a little bottlenecking unless you were talking about 2 x GTX 780s in Sli or R9 290Xs in Crossfire. Then you would want to overclock, and that's all. Even at stock speeds the 2600 is a top level gaming CPU. Check out the hierarchy chart Tom's does each month.,3106-5.html

    Top tier.

    Glad to help! :)
  11. Thank you, again. You have been a great help.
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