R9 280x Micro Stuttering?

Hi there, I've just built my PC with 2 R9 280x in Crossfire. It ran games smoothly at 1080p but it has this problem of freezing up at some point and replaying the audio like a broken record "RogerRogerRogerRoger" It keeps going like this and the display looks more like a slideshow.

Is there a way to fix or at least keep this to a minimum?
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  1. Well that's not microstuttering, thats full on something is wrong kind of problem, What game does this occur in, when its happening is your HDD light flashing lots or full on. anything else you can tell us?
  2. It happens in Counter Strike Global Offensive. As for other games, Im not sure. It doesn't happen in TF2 though.

    I also experienced this problem on my old computer but its only for a few seconds before everything went back to normal. Not this however, I have to force restart it to fix this problem.
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