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I was playing Arma 2 with my GT 630 that I just purchased and was noticing some not so micro stuttering. It wasn't an FPS issue at all. The processor for this specific computer is a Athlon 370k (Not very good). Is this stuttering because of the card, the card series, or because of the CPU?
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  1. Turn down the graphics settings, you are probably maxing out the gpu and cpu, turn off effects in the game, anything that may be stressing your hardware.
  2. Yeah, on lowest settings there is the same amount of stutter as normal, resolution doesn't seem to make that big of a difference either. I know I shouldn't be expecting much from a $200ish rig, but I'm trying to decide if I should return this thing and just got a 6670 instead. It performs better, but if my CPU is holding back a worse card, a better card isn't going to help much.
  3. The cpu should be powerful enough. Check temps and cpu/ram usage.
  4. CPU and GPU temps were fine, under 40c the entire time. 8GB of ram should be plenty for the game, I have that much in my more powerful gaming computer. Maybe I just got a dud?
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