Need help with a new GPU problem

Hey everyone. I am new here so if I am in the wrong place I am sorry.

So I bought a barebones kit about a year ago and a friend putit together so Im not positive on all the specs but I will do my best.

I recently bought a new graphics card. its an nvidia geforce gtx 650Ti. I installed it myself and everything appears to be fine. The problems start when I try to play battlefield 4. After around 15 minutes my entire PC shuts down. I thought it was a heat problem but it only gets to 45C before cutting off. Now I am lost at what causes this. My PC runs fine if I watch movies, type documents, or even play older games. I am lost on what to try next. Any help is appreciated.

My specs are listed as best as I can: i7 quad core, ASUS P8Z77-V Motherboard, Nvidia gtx650ti card,
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  1. what power supply you have? You psu may not be putting enough power to your new card.
  2. I have a thermaltake TR2-700W
  3. Did you update graphic driver that is configured to gtx 650ti.
  4. Yes. I made sure to install the most recent drivers ASAP. It is basically required to run BF4.
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    i was also trying to help this guy:
    He had a similar if not same problem. It may have been the psu.
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