BSOD Stop 7B when putting new harddrive into old computer

Hopefully someone can help. My mom's computer stopped working (I think the motherboard went, as I ordered a new power supply which did nothing, and tried unplugging components one by one), so I took her hard drive (Barracuda st2000dm001) and stuck it into an old Acer Aspire T160. When trying to boot from that hard drive though, I get a BSOD stop 7b screen and the computer restarts. The computer boots fine from the other hard drive that is already in there. I've been spending hours on google trying to find a solution, and the number 1 solution seems to be changing the SATA settings in the bios, but the T160's bios does not have any such options. I tried upgrading the bios and the ide controller drivers, but neither helped. I'm at my wit's end and have spent way too much time that I don't have on this. Any ideas?
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  1. You cant just swap a hdd from one system to a completely different system and expect it to boot. If you are just trying to backup data get a sata to usb adapter.
  2. What would I need to do to get it to boot? The hard drive is fine I don't need to back anything up. I just want to give her a computer back without her having to buy a new computer.
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    You'd need to do a clean reinstall.
  4. If I have all of the data on the hard drive backed up to an external drive (using acronis true image), could I do a clean reinstall and then restore the hard drive data and software with acronis? Or would restoring everything give me the bsod stop 7b again?
  5. Restoring the data should be fine, bur some of the programs may not work, as many require an install to setup registry settings and simply restoring the programs files to their file locations on the new install won't work.
  6. That's why I'm asking about restoring it with acronis. Essentially, the drive is cloned, and I would be restoring the cloned drive. Acronis allows you to copy partitions sector by sector plus MBR (which can be deselected from the partition). Would that defeat the purpose of the clean install?
  7. Yes restoring a cloned image would defeat the entire purpose.
  8. Ok got it, thank you.
  9. In case anyone stumbles across this thread, yes it can be done. Certain acronis versions have a feature called universal restore which allows you to restore your backup to a new computer with different hardware. I was able to restore my backup onto the new computer without any issues.
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