well i need to know r9 290x the one has inbuilt true audio , is it a replace of sound card ?( for sound enthusiasts)

well i need to know r9 290x that one has inbuilt true audio , does that mean one need not buy sound card if they got 5.1 speakers or r9 290x will replace sound card too with great sound quality for sound enthusiasts ?

coz i use sound card basically for blu ray movies and high end games to play at its best .

also does it give dts playback trueaudio of 290x ?
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  1. no it doesn't replace a sound card. it's basically another API type thing, that IF dev's choose to use it for games, it will allow sound to be processed on the GPU on a dedicated chip (or it GPU itself, not sure on this) but either way, it's just a way to process sound that should be faster, like realtime convulted reverbs and stuff. Unless AMD makes it open, it make never be used outside of games that the dev's actually use it in, like their mantle API, like NVdidia's PhysX, like all the rest of the things like it in the past that have come and gone.
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    Its for games and it has to be coded for in order to function. But it doesn't require a game to have the feature deliberately written into itself to be enabled. Because it's implementation is at the library and plugin level, before the sound reaches the sound card or any sound related devices.

    And no it's not a complete alternative to a discrete sound card.,0
  3. If you're a sound enthusiasts, you wouldn't even consider an add on from some GPU or MOBO a replacement for an actual sound card to begin with.
    As for the 290x having one built in... I just don't get it.
  4. if you have a monitor with speaker, you can use the digital audio signal coming from your gpu by using hdmi cable....
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