How to flash HD6850 to HD6870?

so i've read a forum that says he "flashed" his 6850 with a 6870 bios..

and i'm curious about this..

I have a 1gb GDDR5 Sapphire HD6850..

does anyone know more information about flashing videocards? specially my type of GPU..

THanks in Advance..
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    Some cards are basically just cut down versions of other cards, in this case the 6850 and 6870 are both the same card except the 6850 BIOS only uses some of the hardware available while the 6870 BIOS uses all of it. So when people figured this out, they flash their cards to higher versions.

    Its not a guaranteed thing through, the 6950 and 6970 were the same, and after a while AMD just started cutting off the cores physically to prevent people flashing their 6950's to jump a performance tier without paying. Its also possible that your 6850 is a defective 6870, but they just disabled the defective shaders/cores or whatever and sold it as a working 6850.

    Go ahead and try it I think. If it works you have a free upgrade, if not then you haven't exactly lost anything.
  2. I tried this with an older ATI card several years ago. If you are not 100% sure your specific card is capable of it, DO NOT ATTEMPT! The end result in my case was me ending up frying the card and getting something that couldn't run UT2K4 (relatively new at the time) without black dots constantly showing up when I turn, leading me to believe the GPU ram had fried.

    On the same hand, however, the reason I felt confident I could do that card (Can't remember that card unfortunately) was because I had an old ATI 9800SE that I flashed into a 9800pro and did wonders for me.both cards were Sapphire manufactured.
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