Peculiar hang between Starting Windows & Account Login with Mulitple Monitors

The issue being presented is more of an inconvenience rather than a crippling problem.

As the title sums up, there is a 20-40 second downtime between the "Starting Windows" phase and Account Login using 3 different monitors.
During that downtime, all monitors will show orange indication lights of being connected (It doesn't show the "No Display" box or anything similar). After the downtime elapses, all monitors become active showing Blue/Green indicaton lights and moves to the Account Login (which has no password), and quickly and normally shifts over to the desktop, pulling up icons and startup at it's regular pace. At this point everything runs at completely normal operations, programs and games run at their normal pace, no hitches, hangs, BSOD's, etc.

Important Notes:
*All events before "Starting Windows" occur on one screen. Account Login occurs on all 3 (Monitors are in Extended Mode, not in Duplicated Mode)
**This does not happen when any of the monitors are hooked up individually!**

I figure the problem is Monitor/Graphics Card related due to the line above, so...
There are 3 Monitors;
HP f1523 h (Purely VGA, so it has a VGA/DVI adapter, currently attached as DVI)
Dell 1504FP (VGA and DVI available, currently attached as DVI)
ASUS VS239 (VGA, DVI, HDMI, currently attached as HDMI)

There is one GTX 760 Graphics card, with 2 DVI, 1 HDMI, 1 Display Port
The HP is the "Main" DVI, adapted from VGA (displays the POST and any information before "Starting Windows")
The Dell is the "Secondary" DVI (displays during Account Login)
The ASUS is just chilling in the HDMI (displays during Account Login)

The ASUS is the main display, HP is on the left, Dell on the right.

Could this problem be related to the VGA/DVI adapter "lagging" the startup?
Is it an issue of the HP being the "main" monitor, but then the ASUS being the main display?
Is it a normal operation to hang when multiple monitors are being used?
Does the different modes of operation (VGA adapted as DVI,DVI,HDMI) present an issue?
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  1. check a few things out. make sure your mb bios code is at the newest rev. in the mb bios make sure the gpu is set as the primany display output. if it set to ipgpu then peg/pci then there going to be a delay for the mb and windows to switch over from onboard to gpu. also under that line make sure muilt monitor and intel rendering are off to turn off the onboard gpu if your not using it. then under boot make sure quick boot is turned on and set a time for the mb to wait for you to hit a key. in windows use msconfig and under boot turn off windows gui boot and turn off non need program.
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