Msi Gtx 670 Nvidia Display Settings Not Available

cpu: i7 3770 non k
mobo: msi h77ma g43
psu: xfx 650w pro
hdd: 7200 160gig
ram: 8gb 1333mhz kingston ddr3
os: win7 Ul,ubuntu

initially everything was working well.
crashed while testing with a game.
received error code 43,19

Tried most of suggested options found on most forums to no avail.

using a dvi-d to vga adapter for a vga monitor

Card works in standard vga mode at 600x800 16 color only(sometimes no signal).

Nvidia control panel doesn't detect gpu.
Afterburner shows nothing.
GPUZ shows card name,transistors expect clock speed,vram etc(at times shows pci e 3.0 to pci 1.0,1.1)

Using the onboard vga,I can remove the errors 43,19 by disabling the intel vga in device manager.

All the different drivers install successfully.

Is this card dead?

There were horizontal purple lines with different OS's.

Will RMA the card,card still new.
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  1. Yes ready for RMA.
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