What are your thoughts on the new GTX 780Ti?

Shut up and take my money! $700 and beats the Titan out of the box? YES PLEASE!
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  1. I think it's going to be beast, but nobody knows how beast just yet. If it's going to be $100 more than the 290X, I would expect its performance to reflect the price. But since it's still on the Kepler architecture, it's obviously going to be a tuned up GTX 780 or a tuned up GTX Titan, bringing GK110 to its absolute max. I think I will wait for the Maxwell architecture though, not really financially sensible for me to upgrade from a Kepler card to another Kepler card.
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    I think the 780Ti's value is questionable.

    The EVGA 780 (967MHz base) costs $500 and also beats the Titan. How much faster is the Ti for $200 more?

    It's also interesting to note that the same EVGA arguably beats the 290X.

    And if you want to really get excited about PC gaming then read about G-Sync. If it doesn't excite you then it's probable you don't understand it fully.
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