i7 3770k Distorted video and audio, applications crash randomly.

Hi Guys,
Last night while playing Bioshock Infinite on my windows 7 64 machine, the game crashed to desktop. On the desktop, default aero theme was loaded and icons were looking distorted. I considered it to be a driver issue and rebooted the machine. But after the reboot my login window has become like the attached image, and even the sound is distorted. Firefox crashes randomly and flickers when I try to scroll a page.
Video Player:
Login Screen: (The red diagonal lines are not drawn by me, they just appeared when I tried hiding the username using mspaint)

Following are my system specs.

Processor: Intel Core i7 3770K
Motherboard : Asrock Extreme6 z77
Ram : Corsair Venegance 1600 DDR3 16 GB
GPU : MSI Raedon HD 6850
PSU : Seasonic 600W
OS : Windows 7 64

Additionally I am getting "Error code: sec_error_invalid_args" error while trying to open a website, refreshing fixes it. Not able to remove graphic driver, as screen blanks out.
Same behaviour after removing GPU and replacing ram.
Update: Installed the GPU again, and its got worse, screen looks like its burnt. I tried installing ubuntu as well to check if the problem is with windows install or the drivers gone bad. But a similar behaviour persists there as well.
Update : I just ran Intel processor diagnosis tool, and its failing at floating point unit test. Please let me know if someone has faced similar result with 3770k.
Update : Ok so after failing the diagnosis I ran pc with only one cpu core enabled, and it works just fine. Guess my CPU went kaput. Need to start the RMA process. It would be great if someone could help me knowing for how long I can use the processor before going for a rma, I cant replace the cpu right now as I dont have a replacement and lots of work to finish.
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  1. That appears to be a bad graphics card.
    However, you say you REMOVED yours?

    Did you try a DIFFERENT card or just use the iGPU by attaching the monitor to the motherboard?

    If you haven't tried a different GPU then use the one in your CPU.
  2. While you're at it, run MEMTEST www.memtest.org for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  3. photonboy said:
    While you're at it, run MEMTEST www.memtest.org for a minimum of 10 minutes.

    By remove I meant, connecting monitor to mb. Will run the test and let you know.
    UPDATE: ran memtest for 30 mins, no error detected. Also tried connecting monitor using dsub instead of hdmi, but same result.
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