New SSD and Hard Drive Secondary Disk Issues

Hi there,
Recently I bought a 120GB Samsung Evo SSD to use as my OS drive along with a few programs. I made a backup of my original OS that was on my Hard Drive and then did a fresh install onto the SSD. Now that I have my SSD as my boot drive, I want to get some of those old programs and there settings to copy over to the SSD. Also, whenever I load a program off of the Hard Drive it loads it like I just installed the program. It doesn't remember my old settings which is frustrating. What I really want to do is have the OS and a few key programs on the SSD, but still keep my old programs and settings on the Hard Drive and have everything save/run on that. Is that possible? Or am I going to have to re-install every single program and then direct it to the Hard Drive.
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  1. you will have to reinstall
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