I can't seem to boot Windows XP from a USB despite configuring the BIOS to do so. Any suggestions?

Hi. I'm having start up issues with a Sirigon ML-1030 Netbook (it always goes to the "start in safe mode, start in normal mode, etc." options and regardless of what you pick it flashes a blue screen for a fraction of a second then asks the same thing again). I would like to reinstall the operating system (Windows XP Home edition) from a USB drive (configured with rufus). I have been able to enter the CMOS setup options and configure the boot options to do so from the USB drive, but the start up process/problem I described does not go away. It does not boot. I have been able to enter the boot tick menu and select the pendrive but it does not boot. Am I missing something? Do I need to do something else to make it boot? Thanks!
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  1. Drop Rufus and try WintoFlash. The problem is obviously a bootable USB drive error that's causing a boot conflict and due to it, Windows is launching the alternative (or emergency) Safe Boot Mode. I've tried Rufus and it's not so simple to use... WinToFlash is much easier.

    Video Tutorial

    WintoFlash Downloads
  2. Thanks. Sorry for the slow response. This project got put on the back burner, but now that I've pulled it out again, WintoFlash did do the trick and the tutorial was also very helpful (although it was a pretty straight forward process). I was a little worried because my antivirus popped up when I was going to extract the WintoFlash files, but then in the tutorial it said it does that with Windows 7. I ran my antivirus afterwards just to be sure, and it seemed that the computer was fine, so great.
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