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Sapphir hd 7750 1gb or asus gtx 460 1gb. Which one is better
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  1. the 460 sits between the 7750 and 7770. its closer to the 7770 than the 7750. if you can get a 7770 they cost about the same. (about £80 new)
  2. My only choice is gtx 460 or hd 7750. What much better when playing the latest game?
    eh not to forgot it actually gigabyte gtx460 1gb oc
    Can it fits my system:
    Intel quad core q6660
    4gb ram
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    the 460 is your best option then mate...
  4. Does corsair tx 750w will fit to the gpu?
  5. yes mate it should work fine. it has x4 6+2 pin pci-e connectors so thats all you need for a single or sli card setup...
  6. Is it overkill? I try ask ppl then they ask me to get new psu under 500w. Im saving my money. Does it any have side effect when match the psu and gpu?
  7. 550w is about the minimum i recommend for any build now mate because the amperage of cards is going up some newer cards need as much as 42a on a single rail to work which is up significantly from dx10 card which needed around 32a. the 460 is still a relativity low power card so 550w will cover it with room to spare.
    1 thing to remember that psu efficiency tends to start at 20% load so if you have a 750w psu you will need to be idling at around 120w before you make any power saving gains... below this there is no rating so you could be as low as 50% efficiency if your pc is idling. dropping down to 550w means you would only need to reach about 100w befor your efficiency climes to the correct ratings.
  8. Oh that a very details answer. But thanks anyway. I dont want to waste my money anymore. I just want to know whether the corsair tx 750w will match with the gtx 460. yes or no?
  9. yes mate it will work well. and even have enough spare to add another 460 if you wanted to...
  10. Before buying it. Does it can match with my system when playing games?
    Intel quad core q6660 2.4
    ram 4gb
  11. yes mate. your motherboard is pci-e 1.1 complaint or better it will work fine...
  12. Thanks you so much dude. Very appriciate it
  13. your welcome...
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