Help me please :) Need a new motherboard, compatibility concerns

Hello, thanks in advance for anything you can help me with.

I am very familiar with computers but not so much in the building my own area. Basically, I have a HP m8200n which has a MCP61PM-HM motherboard installed. It has a dual core 3.0GHZ processor, and 4GB of ram.

The computer was given to me with the problems described as 'random shutting off for no reason', I reformatted it and reinstalled Windows 7 and it worked great for a few hours and managed to get through many updates, etc. Then as I was messing around with it, it cut off randomly, and shut off without any errors, blue screens or the like.

The inside of the computer/PSU/fans were all very clean, almost like new. But then I noticed a capacitor near a PCI slot that had some brown gunk on the top.. It wasn't bulging but it definitely had something foreign on top. I do not have the tools to repair/replace this.

I am assuming the capacitor is damaged and causing the shutdowns, due to other research I have did online. I can replace the entire motherboard for about $50, which seems reasonable, and would likely cure almost any issues with the computer, as long as the PSU is working fine, is my thinking.

When it comes to the compatibility of graphics cards and motherboards and cases its a whole new world of confusion for me, so basically what I would like to do is find a awesome compatible motherboard to put in this case, and add in a Sapphire 6570 Radeon 1GB graphics card (they are only about $60) so the system can play stuff like wow and diablo, and stream movies and such with no issues.

Should I just buy the MCP61PM-HM and add the graphics card? Or are there many compatible options that will fit, that are competitive in price, and has support for better CPUs?

I could provide a pic of said capacitor if anyone is interested, it just sorta looks a bit dirty on top - I don't really see any damage, but seeing how the case is so clean in all other areas, it must be some sort of corrosion/leakage.

Thanks so much for anyone willing to throw in some insight!
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    Some HP motherboards are prone to blowing caps. The CPU on other will work in an AM2/AM2+ mobo, and with the RAM that you have should be DDR2 according to HP specs. You should be able to get away with something like this Just take note that HP sometimes use a different connection for the power button and HDD leds. You can get another board then this, But make sure its AM2/AM2+ and its a Micro ATX.
  2. Ok Thanks man

    I will look into that motherboard, id feel better about that than replacing it with the same one.
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